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How to Make Your Workday Mornings More Productive

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Learn how to be more productive in your workday mornings. Try these six easy tips to make your mornings more productive.

Obama to Nominate New SBA Chief

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President Obama has announced that he will nominate Maria Contreras-Sweet as the SBA’s new Chief, which comes as welcome, overdue news to the small-business community.

What to Do When Lenders Are Missing From Your Small Business Credit Report

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The way to build good credit is by showing a history of good credit practices, and you can’t do that if there’s no record of your relationship with prior lenders.

The Stages of Business Credit

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Business credit evolves as the business succeeds. At first business credit is likely to be personally guaranteed but operating success will lead to a strong business score.

The Value of Business Credit Monitoring

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Managing small business credit requires on-going monitoring to ensure your small business credit rating remains as strong as possible, and even improves over time.

The Value of a Small Business Credit Card

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While credit cards always carry risk, including overspending or incurring late payment penalties, many small business owners look over the value of a business credit card.

Guide to Business Credit Card Pros and Cons

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Business credit cards have a number of advantages for the small business owner, but as with all business decisions, there are two sides to consider before using a card.

Building Business Credit with a PAYDEX® Score

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As a small business owner, you probably already realize how vital building business credit is to your business. Learn how the PAYDEX score can help you to build credit.

How Some Business Credit Card Companies Are Scamming Consumers

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Fees and interest rates can be higher for business credit cards. Unwary business owners may be paying thousands of dollars to companies that are really just scam artists.

Knowing the Options When It Comes to Commercial Credit Scores

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Discover how your small business credit report is affected by missing lenders and what to do about it. Learn more about your commercial credit score.

What Is a Three Credit Report Score for Small Businesses?

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Learn how the three credit report score is relevant to your small business. More business credit information available for new small businesses.

How Can You Obtain Small Business Credit When You’ve Declared Bankruptcy?

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In the wake of a bankruptcy there are a few simple steps you can follow to help your rebuild business credit and establish new, healthy relationships with lenders.