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How to Make Your Workday Mornings More Productive

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Learn how to be more productive in your workday mornings. Try these six easy tips to make your mornings more productive.

Obama to Nominate New SBA Chief

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President Obama has announced that he will nominate Maria Contreras-Sweet as the SBA’s new Chief, which comes as welcome, overdue news to the small-business community.

Are There Disadvantages to Using a Business Credit Card?

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A business credit card can offer many advantages, but there are some disadvantages that you might want to learn, too. Find out more about business credit cards now.

Banks and Credit Unions: Exploring Your Business Finance Options

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Banks and credit unions offer their own advantages. Explore the differences to decide which is right for your business when you are actively seeking an infusion of credit.

Managing Your Business Finances With a Credit Card

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A credit card could make it much easier for you to manage your business’s expenses. When used responsibly, credit cards can help you to manage your business’s finances.

How Your Employees Can Help You Improve Your Credit

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Train and motivate your employees to help your business be successful and profitable. Remember, it’s your responsibility to properly train and motivate your staff.

Automate Your Finances to Improve Your Credit

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Preparing invoices and paying bills takes time and money; if you’re a small business owner you need every bit of help you can get to keep your business on track.

Finding Funds When Your Credit’s Bad

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If your personal credit is a mess, you are going to have a tough time finding capital. Learn how to get the financing your business needs, despite poor personal credit.

5 Steps to Evaluating the Financial Position of Your Business

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Learn how to determine your small business’s financial position in five easy steps. Discover your company’s true financial position, and protect your financial position.

Credit Unions Have Become Increasingly Important to Small Businesses

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The recession has caused many banks to stop lending to small businesses. Credit unions, however, have stepped in to fill the gap, offering loans where banks have stopped.

Business Credit Cards With Rewards Cost More Than Those Without

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There are plenty of benefits to using a business credit card to make minor purchases for your organization, but they often come with higher interest rates. Learn more now.

Can I Access More Credit with a Shelf Corporation?

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A shelf corporation could make it easier to get a small business loan, but it comes with risks that you should understand. Don’t ruin your business credit with a shelf corporation.